EXCO Members 2020-2022

National Chaplain : Bishop Dr Ong Hwai Teik

National President : ADV Lau Mee Ting (3rd Kuching)

Vice-President(West) : LT Michelle Ong (1st KL)

Vice-President(East) : LT Wong Huong Yung (6th Sibu)

National Secretary : CAPT Patricia Toa (3rd Petaling Jaya)

Asst National Secretary : LT Violet Soon (1st Kuching)

National Treasurer : CAPT Yeoh Sook Ming (2nd Kuala Lumpur)

Asst National Treasurer : LT Tan Hzu Lin (1st Petaling Jaya)

Equipment Officer : Adv Kong Mee Lin (9th Sibu)

Asst Equipment  Officer : LT Tamie Chan (4th Kuala Lumpur)

Cadet Officer : LT Laura Dines Ngau (11th Kuching)

Publicity Officer : CAPT Lau Sie Bing (3rd Sibu)

Drill Officer : LT Jovie Voo (2nd Kota Kinabalu)

Editor : CAPT Wong Sing Dee (9th Kuching)

Northern Region Rep : LT Rebecca Boon (2nd Ipoh)

Central Region Rep : CAPT Elizabeth Naidu (3rd Kuala Lumpur)

Southern Region Rep : to be appointed

Sarawak Region Rep : CAPT Cindy Chow (3rd Kuching) 

Sabah Region Rep : LT Cherrie Liew (5th Kota Kinabalu)

National Co-ordinator : LT Julita Chen 

Administrative Assistant : Ms Francesca Liong

GB Co-ordinator (Sarawak) : Ms Teo Lin Lin